Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a problem affecting billions of people across the globe. Excess weight can not only negatively affect a person’s self esteem, it also poses serious health risks some of which can be fatal. There are several causes of weight gain including lifestyle, diet and genetics. Several methods of weight loss exist and among […]

Herbs for Fertility


Infertility is a condition affecting millions of men and women. Unfortunately, the number of reported cases of infertility is on the rise. A good number of people with fertility problems are young adults and the number is rising in alarming rates. Some of the causes of infertility include lifestyles, unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalances. There […]

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety


Anxiety is the result of the release of fight or flight chemicals from the brain into the bloodstream. Prominent among these chemicals is adrenaline whose release results in symptoms such as increase in heart rate, dilation of the pupils and nervousness. In the modern world, anxiety is usually caused by stress but certain conditions such […]