How to control Diabetes with Herbs


Blood is the very important component of our body. It helps in transportation of various substances from one part of body to other. This transportation system has certain carrying limits. If these limits exceed or decline it adversely affect our body. Diabetes mellitus or Diabetes is a disease in which the normal blood sugar elevates […]

How Herbs are beneficial in Treating Bronchitis


If you have extreme cough along with chest pain or when you wake up in the morning series of coughing welcome your new day – then might be you are suffering from Bronchitis. Bronchi are tubes that carry air deeper to lungs from the windpipe. When these airways inflamed, bronchitis occur.   There are two […]

Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a problem affecting billions of people across the globe. Excess weight can not only negatively affect a person’s self esteem, it also poses serious health risks some of which can be fatal. There are several causes of weight gain including lifestyle, diet and genetics. Several methods of weight loss exist and among […]