Natural Remedies for Breast Enlargement


Herbs are beneficial in many ways. They can cure diseases without producing side effects or can help in maintaining body functioning. Females want to augment breast. Reasons may vary. Herbs are also beneficial in this aspect. There are many plants and herbs that have “phytoestrogen” which is a chemical compound that has same functioning as […]

How to Treat Tinnitus with Herbs


Tinnitus is a problem in which a buzzing or creping noises are heard. It is not a severe disease. In tinnitus, victims hear noises in his ears or head which becomes the reason of his/her distraction. This usually can happen in adulthood or can get worse with the time but can be treated. The noise […]

Herbal Remedies to Help Stop Smoking


Smoking is now a day  spreading like a disease and especially in youngsters. Being unaware of its hazards on health, youngsters take smoking as a fashion symbol. Intake of tobacco damages inner parts of the body on major levels and causes many dangerous diseases. Herbal treatments to stop smoking Smoking is a very dangerous habit […]

Osteoporosis and its herbal treatment

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Old age brings many problems. You might have never seen any old lady running or playing with ball or old man playing rugby because they are afraid from broken bones. In old age bones of the body become porous. If this condition becomes extreme, Osteoporosis occurs. In Osteoporosis, bones become fragile and can easily be […]