Home Remedies for Vomiting and Nausea (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables)


Reasons of nausea or vomiting are food poisoning, migraine, pollution etc. Usually people also feel nausea because of travelling whether they are travelling through bus or sea. It disturbs their abdominal function and makes them feel sick or dizzy which in result make them feel nausea or worse to vomit. Usually nausea or vomiting can […]

Home Remedies for Knee Pain (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables)


People usually don’t care about knee pain unless it really worsen that it starts affecting their daily lifestyle. But to be clear it is as serious as other pains like backache, toothache etc. Having knee pain can be very stressing. Knees are getting lots of burden of our body and if they ache or become […]

Home Remedies (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables) for Sore Throat


Sore throat is irritation or inflammation of the throat region. Sore throat is present with mild to severe pain. Mainly it occurs due to viral infection. Home Treatment for Sore Throat In this advance time, still people prefer home remedies because they are reliable and easily available at the time of need. Synthetically prepared medicines […]

Home Remedies (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables) for Acne


Acne is a very common problem that is faced by most of the teenagers in their early teens. This condition is caused due to hormonal changes is the body at the time of puberty. In many individuals, acne problem resolves as the age progresses – but in many it requires treatment. Acne is the condition […]