Natural Herbs Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint inflammation. It can be caused by wearing down of the joints due to frequent use (ostereoarthritis) or, an overactive immune system where the immune system attacks the inner joint lining ( rheumatoid arthritis). Both cases are characterized by intense pain in the joints. There are several pharmaceutical drugs designed for the treatment of this disease. However, safer and more effective natural herbs exist for the treatment of arthritis and alleviation of its symptoms. Some of the natural herbal remedies for arthritis include the following.



Boswellia is a tree that’s native to the Indian subcontinent. Gum extracted from the tree has been used for centuries as an inflammatory product. Boswellic acids found in this herb have been found to prevent the production of the immune cells responsible for inflammation resulting from arthritis. In addition, these acids improve blood supply to the cells lining joints allowing for their quick recovery.


Cherries have been used for centuries by the Japanese a remedy for inflammation and acute pain. Cherries are rich in magnesium which helps improve the nervous system and reduces pain. They are also rich in potassium which has anti inflammatory properties. Taken daily, cherries can help alleviate pain and inflammation symptoms caused by arthritis.


Licorice is another herbal remedy for arthritis. It contains the antioxidant glycyrrhizin which reduces free radicals that form at the point of inflammation reducing pain. This antioxidant also blocks and inhibits the production of leukotrienes which cause inflammation in the joints. Licorice also improves the body’s release of cortisol which suppresses the immune system. This reduces the effects of the immune system attacking the cells lining the body’s joints.

Stinging nettle leaf

The stinging nettle is another commonly used herbal remedy for arthritis. It’s rich in bioflavonoids, carotene, minerals and vitamins. The stinging nettle leaf has been proven to have anti inflammatory effects and taken as a tea, helps to reduce inflammation in the joints. The minerals found in this herb also help to build strong bone. Applied topically, the nettle leaf helps increase blood flow to the joints reducing inflammation.


Turmeric contains two anti inflammatory chemicals curcumin and curcuminoids. When consumed, these reduce the inflammatory effects of arthritis. It’s so potent that it’s also administered for other medical conditions whose symptoms include pain and inflammation. This herb is best used alongside other anti inflammatory herbs such as pineapples and pepper.


Rosemary is one herb that’s commonly associated with spicing foods. It’s also one of the commonly used herbal treatments for arthritis. This herb contains tons of minerals and chemical compounds that have been found to reduce inflammation. The active ingredients in rosemary activate antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation in the joints relieving pain.

Arthritis affects millions of people across the globe. Although prescription drugs exist, herbal treatments are safer and more effective methods of treating this condition. Some of the herbs discussed above don’t have supporting scientific evidence. It’s therefore recommended that you consult your physician before using any natural herb remedies for arthritis.

About Jing Guo Wang

TCM professor of Shanghai University of Tradional Chinese Medicine.She has 30 years of clinical experience at applying traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other therapies in the treatment of a variety of vertigo, headache, neurasthenia, hypertension, neck pain and periarthritis of shoulder.