Herbs for Fertility

Infertility is a condition affecting millions of men and women. Unfortunately, the number of reported cases of infertility is on the rise. A good number of people with fertility problems are young adults and the number is rising in alarming rates. Some of the causes of infertility include lifestyles, unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalances. There are a number of drugs used to treat infertility. In addition to this, lifestyle changes such as less consumption of alcohol and tobacco have positive effects in reversing infertility. There are herbs that have been used for centuries for the treatment of infertility and they include the following.


Stinging nettle

The stinging nettle herb has many medicinal uses. It’s rih in various vitamins and minerals all of which contribute to the well being of the body. The stinging nettle acts as a nourishing tonic for the uterus and kidneys making it especially good for preparation of the body for conception. In addition, its active ingredients help the body regain hormonal balance especially if hormonal changes are the cause of infertility.

Red clover

The red clover is one of the popular herbs for fertility. It’s rich in different vitamins and minerals which help in the maintenance of hormonal balance and improvement of blood circulation. The red clover also has antioxidant effects which helps the body get rid of toxins which might cause infertility. This herb also acts as a pregnancy tonic helping in the proper functioning of fallopian tubes in readiness for conception.


Alfalfa is a herb that has been used as an infertility remedy for decades. This herb is rich in essential minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. These work in different ways to treat infertility. When consumed, alfalfa helps the body to get rid of toxins which can cause infertility. In addition, it acts as a pregnancy tonic preparing the body for conception.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the herbs that has many health benefits including treating infertility. It has two main ingredients polyphenols and hypoxyanthine. Polyphenols act as antioxidants which help the body get rid of toxins which might cause infertility. In addition, taking green tea has been proven to help increase sperm and egg count in the body. Green tea doesn’t contain caffeine. This chemical has been found to negatively affect fertility especially when take in large amounts. Another advantage of green tea as a herb for fertility is that it acts as a pregnancy tonic.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a palm species native to the southern parts of the United States. Native Americans have consumed the saw palmetto fruit for centuries to aid in reproductive problems. When consumed, this herb helps to repair damaged reproductive organs. Some of the benefits associated with this fertility herb include increase in sperm and egg count, treatment of cystic acne and acts as a pregnancy tonic.

There are many herbs for fertility available today. Most of these herbs have been successfully used to correct fertility problems especially those associated with lifestyles, poor diets and environmental toxins. Like with other herbs, it’s recommended that you consult with a qualified physician especially if you are taking other fertility drugs.

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