Home Remedies for Knee Pain (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables)

People usually don’t care about knee pain unless it really worsen that it starts affecting their daily lifestyle. But to be clear it is as serious as other pains like backache, toothache etc.

Having knee pain can be very stressing. Knees are getting lots of burden of our body and if they ache or become weak, daily movement is get affected and also becomes very painful. Through home treatment it can be cured on maximum level. Here are some home remedies for treating knee pain.

Herbal Treatment



Flaxseed is being used to treat many problems because of it every effective nature. It improves immune system and makes it stronger; also it helps in fighting inflammation of knee that is known as arthritis which one major reason of knee pain. It is rich with omega 3.

  • On daily purpose usage, take two tablespoon of flaxseed or its oil.
  • But don’t heat it and take it raw.
  • Use oil instead of seed if you have any digestive problems.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek for treating knee pain can be productive. It not only treats knee pain but also eases pain caused by it.

  • Take fenugreek seeds and roast them well.
  • Then crush them well so it may become powder like.
  • Take that powder 2 teaspoon and mix it well with water till it become paste.
  • Apply that paste on aching area.


Turmeric is well known for treating pains. It is the best against inflammation which is caused by pain.

  • Take turmeric powder and add it 1teaspoon in a glass of hot milk.
  • Stir it well. Drink daily for relieve from pain.

Burdock root

Burdock root is rich with fatty oils which can be very handy in treating aches especially of joints. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it every helpful in treating knee pain.

  • Take burdock root, 2 tablespoon fresh (if not available then 2 tablespoon dried root).
  • Boil water with roots in it. Let it boil for few minutes then remove it from stove.
  • Strain water and drink warm, three cups a day.

Fruits and vegetables



Garlic is one of things which help in treating knee pain. Presence of sulfur in it makes it helpful in reducing free oxygen radicals which are the reason of damaging joints.


The presence of isoflavones in great amount makes it very productive against knee pain. Its usage on daily basis has shown positive result on knee pain sufferers.


Ginger is rich with anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great product for use in terms of knee pain.


The property of being antioxidant makes spinach very effective against knee pain.


Like garlic, asparagus is useful to treat knee pain. Sulfur helps in easing knee pain and prevents it from coming back.

Vitamin C filled fruits

Fruits which are filled with Vitamin C are also very useful for knee pain. More you use fruits more you get relieve from ache.


Oranges in form of juice are the best source of Vitamin C which makes them perfect for treating knee pain fast and easily.

Fish oil

Other than all these things fish oil is also very effective for treating knee pain. The presence of omega 3 makes it a right product for it. Fish oil can also be used as it has best anti-inflammatory properties.

About Jing Guo Wang

TCM professor of Shanghai University of Tradional Chinese Medicine.She has 30 years of clinical experience at applying traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other therapies in the treatment of a variety of vertigo, headache, neurasthenia, hypertension, neck pain and periarthritis of shoulder.