Home Remedies (Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables) for Sore Throat

Sore throat is irritation or inflammation of the throat region. Sore throat is present with mild to severe pain. Mainly it occurs due to viral infection.

Home Treatment for Sore Throat

In this advance time, still people prefer home remedies because they are reliable and easily available at the time of need. Synthetically prepared medicines have side effects but home remedies are safe and healthy and don’t have associated adverse effects.

For the treatment of sore throat few herbs, fruits and vegetables are given below so you can cure sore throat without taking help of medicines.

Herbal Treatment


Licorice root

When it comes on treating sore throat, Licorice root is highly effective herb you can have. It has been used for centuries to treat sore throat. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it a reliever from sore pain.

  • Licorice root can be taken as warm tea.
  • Take water of Licorice root and rinse your throat with it will give relieve.

Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is used to treat sore throat by easing soreness with its active function against sore throat pain and irritation. It also calms down nervous system which eases depression and effectively works against cough, flu and cold.

  • Different parts of Blue Vervain (leaves, root, and flower) can be used to treat sore throat.
  • It can be taken as tea. Bitterness can be lightened by adding honey or sugar.
  • Gargle with it to soothe pain.
  • Taking steam of Blue Vervain is also useful in sore throat.


Marshmallow is herb which soothes sore throat. It eases pain by covering irritating area which alleviates soreness.

  • Take 1 table spoon of marshmallow dried root.
  • In boiling water add that dried root and leave it for at least 90 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to cover it after leaving it in water.
  • Now strain it and drink it.


Sage is very effective for treating sore throat. Sage is in used from many years to cure pain and soreness caused in sore throat.

  • Take leaves of sage.
  • Boil 8 oz water and put leaves in that water.
  • Leave these leaves in that boiling water for half an hour and cover it well.
  • After half an hour, strain it and it is ready for drinking.
  • If you want to add flavor in it, add lemon or honey.

Fruits and vegetables



Ginger is used to treat sore throat. It eases pain and irritation that caused in soreness and soothes it. It can be taken in a form of tea, soup etc.


Banana is soft fruit which makes it easy to eat in sore throat. It is rich with Vitamins which makes it healthy diet.


Pineapple may not cure sore throat but it eases pain cause by it. The presence of bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent irritation of soreness. It also has Vitamin C that makes the immune system better.

Boiled carrots

In raw form carrot is hard but when it is boiled it become soft and easily edible in sore throat. It is filled with many nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin A, C and K etc, which makes it healthy food and makes it effective agent that treats sore throat.

About Jing Guo Wang

TCM professor of Shanghai University of Tradional Chinese Medicine.She has 30 years of clinical experience at applying traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other therapies in the treatment of a variety of vertigo, headache, neurasthenia, hypertension, neck pain and periarthritis of shoulder.