Natural Remedies for Psoriasis Treatment

The word psoriasis comes from the Greek language which has meaning of “itching condition”. In this disease, the body abnormally starts making cell which gathers on the upper surface and makes thick layer or redness over skin. The skin may become irritated by this. This disease is chronic, which means long-lasting and can cause problem in daily living.


Herbal treatments

The herbs which are uses to cure the psoriasis and its related problems are given below:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is in used from many years because of its beneficial properties. For curing psoriasis, its pulp is used which give relief from scaling as well as redness. Aloe Vera is effective in protecting skin also.


This herb is used to clean the blood which reduces the psoriasis problems. Clean blood means less toxic substance in blood which will not let harmful substances to accumulate inside skin that reduces chance of developing psoriasis.


It makes the system of liver and kidney better which increases the strength of immunity system. It is very effective herb with no adverse effects.


The scaling, redness, pain and swelling can be cure from the capsaicin.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil has the antiseptic properties which help in reducing the psoriasis.


Its antioxidant and swelling reducing properties helps fighting the pain caused by the psoriasis.

Oregon grape

It is the best killer of microorganisms which become responsible for causing the disease. It makes the immune system better which reduces the psoriasis and improves skin condition.


The usage of oat reduces itch and redness which occurs due to psoriasis.

Willow bark

In willow bark substance silicon is present which works as an aspirin. It may give ease from psoriasis related pains and increases blood flow.


This herb gives relief from the skin infections, so it is perfect for psoriasis related problems.


This herb kills bacteria and swelling related problems. It also eases stress which is helpful in psoriasis.


It improves the work of immunity system and makes it better which helps in overcoming the psoriasis.

Other than herbs

The psoriasis can be treated with some help of different methods which are written as follows:

  • Choose skin products carefully.
  • Keep skin moisturize.
  • Pick non- drying soap.
  • Keep yourself protected from injuries.
  • Avoid overweight.
  • Use Epsom salt while taking bath.
  • Take bath daily.
  • Avoid going too much in sunlight.

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Symptoms of psoriasis

In different patients the symptoms may differs from each other. The symptoms of this disease are visible so one can easily know that they have become the victims of psoriasis:

  • Skin get crack and dry which leads to bleeding
  • Swelling and pain
  • Red or silver scales
  • Spots of scaling
  • Red lift up spots
  • Itchiness
  • Nails turns yellow of toes and fingers


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Causes of psoriasis

The main reason which causes psoriasis is still un-identified. The factors may be responsible of the causes of this disease are as follows:

  • Medication
  • Genetically inheritance
  • Injury
  • Suntan
  • Cut of any kind
  • Bitten by insect
  • Immunity disorder
  • Infection of throat
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Weather


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