Herbal Remedies for Rosacea Treatment

It is kind of disease which causes the red spots on the skin that sometimes developed into pimples. It makes adult age people its victim. Rosacea is usually confused with the other kind of skin problems like eczema, allergies etc. its spots also causes the irritation to skin or even eyes. It can happen on different facial areas like nose, neck, chin, forehead etc. and with time it can get worse.


Herbal treatments

To cure rosacea, many ways are used by people. Some take medication while others try different techniques but best way to treat rosacea is herbal treatment, because of its non-side effectual properties. The herbs which are used to treat rosacea are given below.


This herb is rich with zinc. Zinc is known to treat wounds. Basil will help you in getting rid of from the rosacea related problems.

Camphor oil

The oil made up of camphor gives relief from the inflammation caused by rosacea.


The redness and swelling happens because of rosacea can be treated by the usage of feverfew. It is a suitable herb for rosacea cure.


The itchiness which happens in the rosacea affected areas can get relieve from the usage of licorice.


The presence of polysaccharides and protein makes it effective against the rosacea. It treats itching, swelling, irritation etc.


This herb helps in giving relief from the pain of rosacea. It alleviates the affected area and gives cool and calm effect.

Green Tea

Green tea is known in the world for its beneficial properties. It also gives ease from rosacea related problems. It reduces swelling caused by it. It is also best against the sunlight sensitivity.


This herb is used to cure many diseases. In rosacea related problems, its antiseptic property gives relieve from irritation and bumps.


Garlic is rich with Vitamin C which makes it best for treating rosacea. Vitamin C rich herbs have properties of antioxidant which can cure many skin related problems and wounds.

Other than herbs

Keep yourself protected from the rosacea by following these rules:

  • Find which thing or things are the reason of rosacea and try preventing it.
  • Stay away from skin products which irritate your skin.
  • If using medicines, do not use it before consulting your doctor.
  • Keep yourself clean and safe.
  • Try to avoid sunlight on maximum levels. Use sun blocks before leaving home or office.
  • Take herbs which are rich with zinc and vitamin-C.
  • Take healthy foods
  • Stay away from high allergic foods which may become the reason of rosacea.
  • Take antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

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Symptoms of rosacea

How to know that you have suffering from rosacea?  These symptoms might help you in solving this mystery:

  • Part of skin becomes red and has the feeling of burning.
  • Eyes irritation on continuous level.
  • Effected area of skin starts becoming thick and gives the feeling as swelling.
  • Red area gets covered with small red pimples or pimple.


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Causes of rosacea

What are the causes of rosacea? It may be anything in your surroundings which affects you badly enough to give you rosacea problem. Few of its reasons are as follows:

  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Excessive heat
  • Spicy foodstuff
  • Different fruits or vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Cosmetics
  • Exercises
  • Any kind of heat contact
  • Stress
  • Moisture


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