Osteoporosis and its herbal treatment

Old age brings many problems. You might have never seen any old lady running or playing with ball or old man playing rugby because they are afraid from broken bones. In old age bones of the body become porous. If this condition becomes extreme, Osteoporosis occurs. In Osteoporosis, bones become fragile and can easily be broken. Bone loses their actual strength and starts becoming weaker with time.

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The reason behind the weakening of bones is the deficiency of potassium, phosphorous and calcium etc. Usually women suffer more from the osteoporosis than men. Women are more prone to it because with age there is the complete cessation of menses that leads to menopause. Female hormone estrogen is involved in maintaining bone density – but after menopause, its production stops and bones become soft. Testosterone is the main male hormone having same functions as female estrogen. But its level doesn’t decline abruptly. The slow hormonal decline maintains the bone density.


The causes behind the osteoporosis are as follows:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Lack of estrogen
  • Menopause
  • Genetics
  • Age factor
  • Severe depression
  • Less intake of calcium etc


In the early stages of osteoporosis it is hard to see visible symptoms. Although as the disease ages, symptoms start to appear, which are:

  • Minor Pain in the back
  • Back starts to bend
  • Factures in minor accidents

Herbal treatment

People have been using herbs for treating osteoporosis for ages. Some herbs which are in use till date are:

Horse tail

This herb is used to cure osteoporosis. It contains the substance called Silicon, which prevents the lost of calcium from the bones and keep them in good shape.


In nettles, Boron is present which keeps the bones save from breakage etc. Nettle supplies calcium with protein in good amount. Usage of nettle in the form of tea is more suitable for bones.

Black Cohosh

Many years ago, this herb had been found by Native American and since then it is used for its medicinal properties. Black Cohosh has plant based estrogen which is known as phtyo-estrogen. It protects bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Red Clover

Red clover provides the perfect protection from osteoporosis. The presence of isoflavones in red clover makes it the substitute of lost estrogen from the body and fulfills its requirement. It also prevents many menopausal symptoms.


Parsley is used in many foods. The benefits provided by parsley make it one of the most used herbs on daily basis. The presence of Fluoride and Boron decreases chances of developing osteoporosis and increases strength of bones.


The insufficiency of estrogen is fulfilled by alfalfa which becomes the reason of bone loss. Vitamin K is present in it which interrelate itself with Vitamin D which augments the process of bones development.


Pigweed is filled with calcium which makes it the best herb for those who are finding the herb for osteoporosis. As we know, calcium is main substance for the bones, so pigweed intake declines the possibility of osteoporosis and makes bones strong and healthy.


Licorice has isoflavones. It fulfills the need of estrogen in the bones and makes them healthy.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a name of the root which from many years is in used by Chinese, Japanese etc. It has the quality to balance hormone level in females which in turn improves bone density.


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