How to cure Ring worm (Dermatophytosis) with Herbs

How to cure Ring worm (Dermatophytosis) with Herbs

When we remain in damp area for long time, use someone’s wet towel, share clothes etc our chances of developing Ringworm increase. Ringworm is the fungal disease, in medical world it is known as Dermatophytosis. This condition is very common among humans and pets. It is highly contagious disease and spread from one person to another. The fungus which causes this condition feed on skin material called “Keratin”. Different types of ring worm affect different body parts. It is very essential to take necessary precautions if you have developed this condition if you don’t want to spread ringworm to other people and further to your body.

Preventive Measures

To save yourself and others from ringworm, do the following things:

Don’t share, be rude

People may don’t like that but don’t share your anything that touches your body like towels, cloths, sport equipments etc if you have developed this condition.

Use Warm Water

To wash your clothes and things use warm water along with fungicidal soap. It will reduce the chance of disease spread.

Wear your shoes

In the areas, where it is most susceptible to develop the condition, wear protective shoes. Places like beaches and locker rooms which are used by many people have high chance of having fungus that causes infection.

Don’t touch your Pet’s bald spots

Avoid the bald spots of your pet. Don’t pamper them by touching there. These areas have fungi that can spread the disease to you.

What to do if the condition is developed

If you have developed ringworm, there are plenty of things that can cure you without producing harm to your body. There are certain herbs that can help you to get rid of this fungus. These herbs are highly beneficial and show result in reduced time.


Garlic is tasty and very useful food. It is extensively used all over the world because of its many essential medicinal properties. Along with all the things it cures, it also has the power to heal ringworm.

It is very easy to treat ringworm with garlic. Just peel a garlic clove and make slim slices of it or crush it. Place it on the area that has ringworm patch and cover it with bandage for whole night. If you don’t want to sleep with it, you can also rub the clove in the affected area to get results.

Ginger has about 20 antifungal compounds that are beneficial in treating ringworm. To make use of this medicinal ginger property, take ginger tea on daily basis or blend ginger to make paste and apply it to the ringworm area. Repeat this 2-3 times a day to get healthy soon. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties. It is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. This property of tea tree oil makes it highly advantageous to cure skin problems. It is used in many cosmetics also. From the old times, it has been in use to treat skin infections, cuts and burns. Dilute the oil and apply it to the affected place. Use soaps that contain tea tree oil, its antifungal properties will help to reduce the chance of developing this disease to other parts of the body.


Chamomile is a renowned herb for treating many diseases. Tea of this herb is beneficial in treating ringworm. It can also be helpful if applied to the patch of ringworm on skin through cotton.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A very simple and effective method of treating microbes on skin is by applying apple cider vinegar to the fungal affected skin. It has the antimicrobial activity that will inhibit and kill fungus. Don’t worry about the smell of vinegar. It will vanish away soon.

You can try any of these effective methods. It is not necessary that a thing work for someone also has same effect on you. If one method doesn’t give good result, try other. Your body will definitely respond to any one of the above mentioned ways.

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